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How to buy Foreclosure Property on Auction

One of the best methods of buying foreclosure properties is to buy them at a live foreclosure auction. As you are aware, the property is sold to the highest bidder in any auction. The first bid is typically made for the foreclosing lender by whoever is representing that company and the bid will generally be for the amount that is owed. If no higher bid is forthcoming, the property ownership will automatically be reverted to the lender. In most instances, no one attends the foreclosure sale except the proxies for the lender and those running the auction. This is particularly true if there is no profit margin between what is owed and the market value of a property.

As you are aware, a foreclosure takes place when a homeowner or property owner cannot pay the mortgage fees on the property and is forced to surrender the property to realize money to pay back what is owed.

There is a step by step procedure that you will have to follow if you want to buy a foreclosed property.

1. Find out the properties scheduled for foreclosure sales by looking into the classified newspaper ads for listings under Foreclosure Notices, Auction Sales or Sheriff's Sales.

2. Notify local real estate agents and attorneys that you're interested in purchasing foreclosed properties.

3. Verify with local lending institutions and government agencies - such as the Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration or Department of Housing and Urban Development for information about foreclosed properties in your area.

4. Investigate and understand foreclosure proceedings in your state.

It is important to inspect the foreclosed property to determine its condition and market value.

1. Find out the sales prices of comparable properties in the area from a local real estate agent.

2. Determine ownership, identify potential problems and research any existing liens by conducting a title search on the foreclosed property.

3. Contact the trustee of the foreclosure sale to inquire about the minimum bid the lender will accept.

4. Make an offer on the foreclosed property by bidding at the foreclosure auction or submitting a sealed bid to a lender after the foreclosure sale.

First-time investors should note that foreclosure auctions are not the places for them to buy. Buying foreclosure properties at auction well require heavy amounts of cash or a large line of credit that you can tap into quickly. If you have either of those resources at your command, you can straightaway venture and find great buys at foreclosure auctions. But you have to exercise caution as most of the time the amount owed may not leave much room for profit. The properties that do contain a meaningful amount of profit will be attended by a bigger group of investors. The key is to do proper pre-study, because any mistake you commit can prove very costly. Please bear in mind that once you bid, you must compulsively follow through with the purchase. You cannot back out once you have committed to buy a foreclosure property at an auction. So it is absolutely imperative that you do proper homework. It would be wise all the calculations beforehand so that you are aware how much profit is available even before you consider bidding on a certain property.

Although it is rare, you can occasionally find some great deals at foreclosure auctions. But it is advisable to attend a few foreclosure auctions and learn how the system works before you venture buying properties at an auction.

Main Tips For Foreclosure Auctions

1. Learn more about the different types of foreclosure properties, and the foreclosure process.

2. Secure financing at early stage.

3. Engage a real estate agent as a “buyer’s representative”.

4. Do your homework.

5. Make a realistic offer.

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